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The most famous green tea in Japan, sencha is a perfect choice if you want well-balanced tea.


Sencha is made from sun-grown top buds and leaves, which are harvested in the first flush. As the leaves are dried and kneaded, the tea gets its signature needle-like shape and distinct flavor. Sencha has a green color once brewed and tea tastes refreshing. Normally Sencha has a well-balanced taste with sweet flavors, bitterness, freshness, and aroma. Lower temperature of water makes less tea less bitterness and more aroma and umami (sweet flavors)

It contains a lot of nutrients such as Vitamin C, Mineral, Fibers, Caffeine and antioxidants that bring a myriad of wonderful benefits. Sencha tea helps reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases. It can also regulate cholesterol levels and strengthen your immunity. Plus, it’s known to stimulate cognitive ability.

Try Sencha if you want a healthy tea that tastes refreshing.


Hojicha is made from sun-grown bancha, harvested late in the season after the first flush. It can also be made from stems and twigs of either sencha or kukicha. It is made at a high temperature by roasting leaves until the moisture on them has been evaporated. This gives the tea its reddish brown color so that tea smells very loasted and fragrant.


Hojicha is very low on caffeine and tannin, making it ideal for tea enthusiasts who want low-caffeine alternatives.

Hojicha is a favorite among the Japanese because of refreshing flavor especially after oily meals as well as health benefits. Daily consumption of this tea aids in healthier digestion and efficient blood circulation. And it’s low in caffeine too, so you could drink as many as you want even at night.


"Kabusecha", meaning covered tea in Japanese, is cultivated under straw cover to shield the sunlight from a week before harvesting. The process of shading kabusecha involves shielding of the entire tea field.

Our Kabusecha is grown at the mountain 600m above sea level with clean air and water in Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan.  Since this area has snow in the winter, the farmer put lots of grass at the foot of the tea trees so that they can resist snow and coldness. That is why the tea from a mountain area has many features like big and strong leaves and unique flavor.


"Tsuyuhikari" is a pure tea, plucked from a cultivated hybrid specie. It has a sweet aroma. Their color becomes deeper when they are steamed and thereby creating a very rich flavor. The Kabusecha has a special flavor, a combination of the sweetness of Gyokuro with a less grassy flavor of Sencha.


To prepare this tea, low temperature of water is the key. Add about 3 grams of Kabusecha to each cup of tea that you have prepared. It is preferable to use a cup of tea that is very small and not more than 30 ml after which you can pour the hot liquid (approx. 40℃) on the leaves. The tea can then be served after steeping it for about 2 minutes.

Genmai cha

Genmai Cha is a rich-flavored green tea, blended with toasted popped rice. The Genmai (brown rice) is stepped in water and steamed, and then roasted at a high temperature before being blended with green tea leaves. Our Organic Genmai cha brings you the special savory fragrance of the roasted rice together with the refreshing taste of sencha. Once it is brewed, this tea has a light yellow hue and is quite mild to drink.

Genmai is also rich in nutrients such as Vitamins, Calcium, Minerals, and fiver etc. Especially fiver can help remove waste products within the body.  Hence Genmai cha, mixing Genmai and Greeen tea leaves, has lots of health benefits.


Moreover, because of its low caffeine, Genmai cha is recommended for all ages, from children to the elderly. 


Gyokuro is the finest grade of Japanese green tea, which has a unique, mild, and astringent aroma and mellow distinguished umami. Young tea leaves are cultivated under a straw cover to shutter the direct sunlight for 20 days before harvesting. This process inhibits astringency as well as produces tea leaves with "Theanine", which is amino acid that enhances umami. 

Gyokuro is very limited productions in Japan so it is regarded as luxury and superior Japanese tea. 

The way of preparation is also different from other Japanese green teas. A smaller tea pot and tea cups are used for preparing tea and approximately 40℃ of 30ml hot water is used for brewing. Only are a little amounts of tea(a few drops) poured into the cups after infusion with surprises of its deep, mellow, aroma sweet taste. 

Yuzu Sencha

Our  "Yuzu Sencha" is mixed Organic Sencha from Shizuoka and Organic Yuzu peel (Japanese citrus)  that are grown in Gifu. Yuzu has not contains only pleasant aromatic and fresh scent, it is also very rich in Vitamin C that help boosts immune system, produces collagen, inhibit active oxygen, and anti-aging.

Yuzu is popularly known for its therapeutic citrus fragrance and boost the mood and also exhibits properties that are related to the reduction of stress. 


Very high in antioxidants, the Yuzu fruit can help neutralize the dangerous effect of substances that can cause inflammation and chronic disease, thanks to the anti-inflammatory effect of Yuzu. 

Yuzu sencha tea is a refreshing brew that not only tastes great, but is also healthy for your body and skin.



One of the most well-known Japanese teas around, Matcha is finely-powdered green tea made from grinding high quality tea leaves. Matcha is prepared differently than traditional teas, which are infused into hot water and discarded afterwards. With Matcha, you are consuming the actual leaves that are finely powdered and whisked into hot water.

Using shaded high-quality tea leaves during the first flush, these leaves are then stone ground and turned into fine powder. The meticulous process gives Matcha its deep color and rich flavor, which is why it is a favored tea during tea ceremonies. You can see each Matcha grade by comparing the deepness of green color.

With Matcha, the tea leaves are ingested, making it a potent source of nutrients more than any other tea. Every sip is rich in antioxidants that protect your body against heart disease and cancer cells. Matcha can also regulate blood sugar and blood pressure. It has anti-aging properties as well. According to a recent research on antioxidants, Matcha is greatly packed with more antioxidants than any other tea.


It is also gaining popularity in desserts and iced drinks. You can enjoy our Matcha not only as a Matcha tea and Matcha Latte, but also as Matcha ice cream, Matcha Cake, Matcha Chocolate etc. 


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