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【The Exclusive and Rare Tea Series】

This is a green tea called "Kabusecha"  cultivated at Narao in Shizuka Prefecture, which is 650m high above sea level with clean air and water. Kabusecha is considered the tea between Gyokuro and Sencha because of the umami flavor and is made from tips of leaves from tea bushes that have been sheltered from direct sun by bamboo screens, but not covered as long as the leaves for Gyokuro. Growing in the shade makes the taste sweet because it inhibits photosynthesis, causing less chlorophyll to develop.


It has a unique special flavor, overwhelming aroma, rich umami, and melting taste.

This tea was listed among “The 100 Greatest Green Tea in Fuji” in 2017, 2018 and 2019. 


How to Make Kabuse cha

Tea leaves : 3g per person

Hot water : 30ml per person

Water temperature 45~50℃/113~122°F 

Steeping time : 2 minutes


1. Pour boiled water into tea cups to cool down water 

2. Put tea leaves in the tea pot

3. Pour the hot water that was fallen down in the temperature to around 45℃ into the tea pot

4. Wait for approx 2 minutes, and then pour the hot water into the cup a little by little

5. Tea leaves can be reused up to three times. Brew for a slightly shorter (20-30seconds) and use hotter water for the second infusion. 

6. The third infusion, use hotter water and brew shorter (10-15 seconds) than for the second infusion.


※Higher temperature makes green tea bitter taste whilist lower temperature does make it less bitterness and more aroma 

Japanese Kabusecha Green Tea "Hikari"

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