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Our premium Midori Sencha tea are grown in healthy soil containing minerals and other nutrients that enrich a noble aroma. Cultivated in mountains 650m above sea level, this single-origin Sencha tea boasts a superior quality to regular Sencha tea and a heightened umami due to the leaves having to adapt to the cold temperatures. With its fragrant aroma, Midori makes for an elegant taste with defined umami notes.


How to Make Sencha for a perfect cup 

Tea leaves : 2-3g per person

Hot water : 150 ml per person

Water temperature : Approx 70℃/158°F 

Steeping time : 60 seconds


1. Pour boiled water into a tea cup 

2. Put tea leaves in the tea pot

3. Pour the hot water that was fallen down in the temperature to around 70°C into the tea pot

4. Wait for 60 seconds and then pour the hot water into the cup a little by little

5. Tea leaves can be reused up to three times. Brew for a slightly shorter (20-30seconds) and use hotter water for the second infusion. 

6. The third infusion, use hotter water and brew shorter (10-15 seconds) than for the second infusion.


※Higher temperature makes green tea bitter taste whilist lower temperature does make it less bitterness and more aroma 

※For green tea, the longer you steep, the more bitter the taste

Japanese Sencha Green Tea "Midori"

  • Loose Leaf : 80g

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