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【The Flavoured Tea Series】

A Hot and Flavourful Antioxidant Kick

We mixed our organic Japanese green tea with ginger and lemon peel, then added just a touch of citrus flavouring to fill your cup with a powerful brew that delivers a refreshing taste. The perfectly-balanced mix of spicy ginger and invigoratingly lemon will give you a feeling of warmth and help you relax.


For the Perfect Cup

Tea leaves : 2-3g per person

Hot water : 200 ml per person

Water temperature : approx 75-80℃/167-176°F 

Steeping time : 45~60 seconds


※Higher temperature makes green tea bitter taste whilist lower temperature does make it less bitterness and more aroma 

※For green tea, the longer you steep, the more bitter the taste



Tea bag materials used by CHILL TEA are 100% plastic-free and are made from a 100% natural and biodegradable material called “soilon”. Soilon tea bags are environmentally-friendly and readily break down in soil, leaving behind no harmful matter whatsoever.


Ginger Lemon Green tea

  • Loose leaf : 30g (1 oz), 100g (3.5 oz)

    Tea bag : 2.5g* 8 Tea bags, 2.5* 30 Tea bags

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