Top Notch Tea Consultancy

We at CHILL TEA provide OEM services to clients who wish to sell quality tea products worldwide. We offer a complete array of customized services that will cater to your needs. With CHILL TEA, you have one single source of merchandise specially made to fit your very own brand.


Our services include:

  • High quality raw materials for packaging

  • Open design tailor made for your brand

  • Products (premium loose tea leaves, drip teabag, confectionary, etc.)

  • Certificate of origin for products


CHILL TEA is your best partner for sourcing excellent tea products. Contact us today.       

OEM Services

At CHILL TEA, we offer world-class tea consultancy services that provide you with the best Japanese tea options to boost your business. Whether you are looking to establish a new tea business, or want to widen your tea offerings, we aim to satisfy clients worldwide. CHILL TEA provides tailor made marketing plans for hotels, tearooms, cafe and restaurants.

We know how challenging it can be to set up a successful tea business, so we are here to give advice on all aspects of your tea venture.

Get in touch with CHILL TEA about your tea needs.

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