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Simple pleasures at home. How to enjoy easy and authentic cold tea.

With the arrival of hot summer weather, the idea of cool and refreshing tea becomes very tempting. We would like to introduce you to how easy it is to enjoy cold tea in the comfort of your own home. You will surely discover a new fascination with flavorful Japanese tea!

While hot water brings out the bitterness of natural tannins and the tartness of caffeine in tea, cold water suppresses these intense flavors. By using cold water, you will be able to experience and enjoy a newfound natural sweetness that was previously hidden. Additionally, cold water helps to bring out the rich umami (savory) flavors of Japanese tea- you will find that this makes it even more delicious!

How to enjoy Cold Tea #1 : “On the Rocks”

“On the Rocks” is the fastest and easiest way to enjoy cold tea. Just like the name implies, you can make delicious cold tea by quickly pouring tea over ice cubes. This is a wonderful recipe for when you find yourself surprised by guests or have a sudden craving for a refreshing beverage.

1. Place tea leaves into a teapot, adding more tea than you normally use.
2. Boil water. After boiling, let the hot water rest until the temperature drops slightly to 80℃/176°F.
(*the exact amount of time depends on the variety of tea you are using)
3. Pour your steeped tea into a glass with plenty of ice and lightly mix. Once the tea has cooled, you are ready to enjoy your iced tea!

How to enjoy Cold Tea #2 : “Filter in a Bottle”

Another popular way to enjoy cold tea is through the method called “Filter in a Bottle”. Through this process, the flavor of the tea leaves is slowly extracted over time. You can use this method to enhance soup stock by steeping it with Sencha or Gyokuro green tea, or you can make flavored tea by steeping tea leaves and fruit together in water. Feel free to experiment with different ideas!

1. Place about 15g(1 tablespoon) of tea leaves in a bottle.
2. Pour 750ml of ice water over the tea leaves.
3. Place a spout with a filter on the bottle and store it in the fridge for about 3〜6 hours* to steep thoroughly.
(*You can adjust the length of time based on the tea used and your personal tastes)

How to enjoy Cold Tea #3 : “Tea Bags”

Tea bags are not only convenient for hot tea- they are wonderful for making cold tea as well! You can prepare your tea in the morning, bring it to work with you and enjoy it on your lunch break. Tea bags make delicious tea easy to enjoy anywhere you go!

1. Place 1 tea bag in a bottle and add 500ml of water
2. Place the bottle in the fridge and let it steep for about 4 hours. If you want to take it along with you, add ice to keep it cool and refreshing.
3. After the bottle has finished steeping, shake it a few times and finish by giving it a stir.

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