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Drink Recipe: “Matcha Latte” *Matcha is powdered green tea

・Matcha 4〜5g
・Hot water (80℃/176℉) 50 ml
・Heated milk (85℃/185℉) :150ml
・Sugar as desired

1. Sift Matcha through a fine strainer and into a tea bowl.
2. Add the heated whipped cream, white chocolate and melted butter into a bowl. Using a rubber spatula, slowly mix until the white chocolate has melted. (*if you are unable to fully melt the chocolate through mixing, carefully place the bowl over hot water to help it melt)* To learn how to properly whisk a smooth latte, click here.
3. Make steamed milk with a milk foamer. You can use a pot or microwave to heat the milk, but be sure that the temperature does not surpass 50℃/122℉, as overheating the milk will lead to an undesirable texture.
4. Pour the foamed milk into the latte cup containing the whisked tea.
5. Finish with a decorative sprinkle of Matcha on top of the latte.

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