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Arrange a tiny, elegant world for iced tea

No matter how busy you are, a tea break is always a blissed moment in life. To take such a special moment to new heights, you need extraordinary glasses to delight the tiny little space in front of you and pull out the true, real attraction of your teas. Refresh your daily tea serving with the merest but delightful arrangement. Today, let’s take a closer look at some ideas to widen our indulgence in iced teas.


Capture some sparkling light in your glass


Sencha tea comes with a beautiful, refreshing yellowish green color for a splendid coordination with natural light. The gentle sencha color glitters in the lovely glass and gives off a cool and pale color for the crack pattern. The placemat also shines for the delicate brilliance of gold and silver threads used in kimono and obi belts. Hold up the glass in the air and be amazed by the elegant world of Intertwining light and shadow.

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Be embraced by the mood of modern Japan

A table with the coordination of traditional Japanese beauties always have a refined and cultured feeling. Let’s be imaginative to fuse the timeless traditions with some modern elements. For example, isn’t it creative to pour Hojicha into an urban cocktail glass with delicate blisters? The retro chic hemp leaf tray is modernized thanks to the sharp cocktail glass. Spill a few drops of water to make the glass look like a vivid Japanese garden. As for the Kyushu teapot, it is traditional Nanbu Tekki in white color revealing a light, casual mood.

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A world of heavenly flowers and vases

“Fruit & Floral Sencha Green tea” is a discernible collection with mixing the sweet and sour scents of rose hips and refreshing sencha tea. Pour in hot water and see the petals dance inside the pot. It’s also nice to prepare a few vases from antique ink bottles to those that shine for their delicate craftsmanship as decoration with your lively flowers. It brings you to a whole new world. The rose petals float inside the white porcelain glass and present you a flowery romance.

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