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How to Brew Matcha Green Tea

This recipe will make Matcha Green Tea:2servings

  • ・Tea leaves:2g(1.5teaspoons)

  • ・Hot water:70ml

  • 12


    1. Pour boiling hot water into a tea bowl. Carefully rotate the bowl to warm it with the water.
    2. Dispose of the hot water and lightly wipe the bowl so that it is dry.
    3. Set the tea strainer on top of the bowl and place Matcha in the strainer.
      Using a tea ladle, stir in a circular motion to remove lumps in the Matcha by pressing it through the tea strainer.
    4. Pour boiling hot water into the tea bowl.
    5. Using the tea whisk, combine the tea and water by mixing in a forward and backward motion.
      Go slowly at first, gently mixing the Matcha until it dissolves.Then, gradually whisk as if you were writing the letter “M”.
      Finally, bring the tea whisk to the center of the bowl and slowly raise it to remove it.

Proper storage method

lease store your tea at room temperature in a place where the temperature stays constant.
The flavor and aroma can be impacted by humidity, direct sunlight and air flow- causing an unfortunate
loss of tannins and vitamins.

After each use, please seal the package tightly
and return it safely to its place in storage.
Taking these simple steps will help to protect your tea leaves by preserving their original flavor and aroma.