Frequently Asked Questions

Have the tea leaves been impacted by radiation?

The teas of CHILL TEA are meticulously grown at our tea plantations in Fukuoka, Yame, and Shizuoka Prefectures- all of which are safe areas that are free from the impact of radiation. In addition to choosing safe sites for growing, we run constant health and safety inspections to ensure that all of our products maintain the highest level of quality. These inspections include extensive pesticide analysis to make sure the leaves have not been harmed by unwanted pesticides, radioactivity inspection, metal inspection and nutritional composition checks. We work tirelessly to ensure the safety and quality of our products, so please rest assured that you can enjoy your tea time with CHILL TEA completely stress-free.

Please explain how to best preserve tea in storage.

Please store your tea at room temperature in a place where the temperature stays constant. The flavor and aroma can be impacted by humidity, direct sunlight and air flow- causing an unfortunate loss of tannins and vitamins. After each use, please seal the package tightly and return it safely to its place in storage. Taking these simple steps will help to protect your tea leaves by preserving their original flavor and aroma.

I have allergies – can I use your products?

The teas of CHILL TEA do not include any of the 7 allergenic items labeled as “Specified Raw Materials” nor any of the 20 potentially allergenic items labeled as “Equivalent to Specified Raw Materials” as outlined in the Food Labeling Law. Please rest assured that our teas are free from all 27 of these potential allergens.。

In regards to BEIKO products, please note that organic soy sauce (soy and wheat) is used to make our Organic Rice Crackers and Organic Persimmon Seeds. Please also be aware that these products are crafted in a place where other products containing egg, milk, peanuts, shrimp, sesame and gelatin are produced.

What is the difference between teas from CHILL TEA and other Japanese teas?

At CHILL TEA, we value harmony with nature throughout each and every step of the tea production process. From using healthy soil, to the hard work of growing and cultivating tea, to ensuring the highest quality of taste- we commit wholeheartedly to the natural and eco-friendly process of presenting you with the finest tea available. We would be honored if you would consider our teas made with love to be a gift to you from nature itself!