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Organic Matcha

Organic Series:

To give a generous gift with heartfelt emotion,
we recommend the natural taste of organic Matcha Green Tea.

Matcha produced by CHILL TEA is high-quality organic powdered green tea grown in the Nishio region of Aichi Prefecture.
The tea leaves must pass strict quality assurance testing before they are carefully ground into a fine powder through traditional millstone grinding.
In addition to yielding a wonderful tea when brewed, the rich flavor of Matcha can also be used as a tasty base for lattes and even as an ingredient in desserts- feel free to be creative in how you enjoy Matcha!
Enjoy it on its own, or delight in how the taste of green tea makes a lovely accompaniment to your favorite sweets.
To truly show your generosity, consider sending Beiko treats along with Matcha tea. The timeless combination of good tea and tasty snacks are sure to convey the sincerity of your emotions and bring joy to the lucky recipient.

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