chilling with tea

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chilling with tea


Genuine Japanese tea
shared with the world.

I wonder, is it possible to have such a delicate and rich taste?
The appeal is so profound and complex
that even we ourselves, promoters of Japanese tea,
cannot claim to thoroughly know everything.
It would be a shame to keep this experience only within Japan.
We want the rest of the world to be able to enjoy this taste.

You may be aware that
Japanese tea is not widely known around the world.

Did you all know that 95% of green tea
available on the market is not of Japanese origin?

With the rise of globalization
and the flourishing of international trade,
Japanese teas such as “Matcha” and “Sencha Green Tea”
have become much-beloved around the world
for their health benefits and delicious taste.
But despite the popularity,
there are actually very few people
who have tasted genuine Japanese tea.

Our cultivation process relies on
working in harmony with nature’s
true intentions, so we will never betray
the sacred bond we have with nature.

With this dedication in mind, we choose to use organic tea leaves.
The hardships that tea farmers experience is something
that we take into serious consideration.

By questioning the norms of the industry,
unearthing new methods by returning to our roots,
and facing the environment honestly,
we grow our tea leaves daily with the utmost care and consideration.

We do not use a third party,
but choose to work directly with our tea farmers.
Because of this close bond,
we take to heart the staggering hardships that the tea farmers face.

Through seeing their efforts up close,
we cannot help but be determined to share the hard work
of our tea farmers- their commitment
that can be tasted in every valuable drop of tea.

The soil that is so healthy
that one could eat it if they choose.

Standing above the rest,
the tea leaves that become the “Beyond Organic Series”
have never been tainted by the use of insecticides.

Due to its mineral composition and bountiful nutrients,
the authenticity of rich and natural green tea can be tasted.

Even just once- we would be delighted
if you could experience this treasured taste
that has been carefully protected throughout history.

There is a tea
that was given the title of “Rare”.

Called Kabusecha (“Covered Tea”),
this tea is grown meticulously under special screening
that shields the tea plantation and protects the tender leaves from harsh sunlight.

The Kabusecha variety called “Hikari” is the prized result
of tea leaves grown at an elevation of 650m,
at the top of Narao Mountain in Shizuoka Prefecture.

In winter, the Kabusecha tea plantation
experiences the bountiful snow that falls on the mountain.
The challenges of the cold season encourage the tea plants
to grow larger, stronger leaves.

consuming tea requires exceptional circumstances
and pushes farming to its limits that it has earned the title of “Rare”.


While our tea leaves embody the hard work
and intense care that goes into their cultivation,
upon tasting, our wish is that you can let your mind clear
to experience the bliss of a purely relaxing moment.

Read a book by the window while listening to your favorite music.

For the first time in a while, look up and admire the sky.
Treat yourself to a special dinner.

And experience the taste of Japanese tea.

For people around the world to add the small but impactful pleasure of tea
to their daily enjoyment- this would bring us
the greatest sense of fulfillment.